Large Size Overalls

Big Matts Large Size Mechanics Overalls available in 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL that is up to an impressive 180cm or 71 inch chest. Big Matts are the recognised specialists in the supply of big size workwear in the UK and have a large selection of big size overalls, we are currently theonly companyin the United Kingdom selling large size mechanics overalls and coveralls in these really big sizes, we know this because we have these purpose bespoke made for us to our specification. Theseextra large overallsare available in navy and black, regular and tall. We also sell Big size Flame Retardant overalls in orange up to size 6XL, but we can get these made for us up to any size you would like, you will need to call us to discuss the options. Big Matts now stock Bib & Brace overalls up to 4XL or 58 inch chest, these hard wearing fully adjustable overalls allow for tall bodied men to find a comfortable fit by adjusting the shoulder straps, available in 4 colours, grey, white, navy and black. Big Matts now stock Bizweld fire retardant overalls up to 6XL or 66 inch chest, these overalls are ideal for welding and prevent injury from weld spatter and sparks, available in navy with or without hi vis leg stripes. If you need a large size structural fire suit certified to EN 469.

Big Matts can supply these Solar 5000 & Solar 3000 suits up to 4XL, made for fire fighters and those likely to be exposed to high temperatures.

Big size Bizweld Flame Retardant Overallsin grey, navy and orange in 3XL, 4XL, 5XL AND 6XL

Big size bib and brace overalls for chainsaw protection to EN 381-5 1995 Class1 are now available up to 3XL

along with a chainsaw protective jacket also available up to 3XL.

We now stock bio hazard overalls suitable for blood, chemical, dust and nuclear hazards up to 4XL.