Large Size Bio-Chem Hazard Clothing

Hazard Protection clothing in the biggest sizes available in the UK from Big Matts Work wear. Our hazard protection clothing is suitable for Biological hazards, Chemical handling, Decontamination, Disease/Disaster management, Hazardous materials, Industrial clean-up and maintenance, Nuclear industry, Petrochemical industries. Our coveralls have mechanical strength, combined with liquid and particulate protection. The durable microporous polypropylene laminate provides an excellent barrier to pressurised chemical spray (type 3) liquid aerosols (Type 4) and infective agents in the harshest environments. Certified protection against dust, particulates, chemicals, liquids, biological hazards and liquids including blood. Conforming to the following standards: EN1149-5:2008, EN14126: 2003, EN1073-2: 2002, EN14116: 2008, EN14605: 2005, EN13982: 2004, EN13034: 2005, ANSI/ISEA 101: 2014 Type 3: Liquid tight suits Type 4: Spray tight suits Type 5: Dry particle suits Type 6: Liquid chemical non directional splash suits