Fit & Style Guide

A word about sizing:

Not all clothing manufacturers cut their clothes the same. European ranges tend to be cut a little smaller than UK sizes, sometimes by one or two sizes, while the USA tend to cut their clothes bigger, sometimes by a size or two. Not surprisingly this makes buying big clothes a bit tricky. Big Matts have recognised this problem and in our quest for customer satisfaction we will let you know the measurements of our stock items either on the web page directly or by emailing us. Once you have determined the correct size for you in a particular brand that should not vary : unless you do!

Big Matts measuring guide

In all instances, hold the tape firm and level, but not tight.


Using a flexible/soft tape measure, start 1 inch above the ear. Follow around your head staying 1 inch above the ear. This will give you your most accurate reading. Then refer to the chart for the appropriate size.


Wrap the tape around to the base at the front of your neck and allow room for wearing comfort. HANDY TIP: Alternatively measure the collar length of a favourite shirt from centre button to centre buttonhole.


Measure from the top of your shoulder with your arm slightly bent, then follow the tape around to your wrist bone. HANDY TIP: measure a shirt that fits you well from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff.


Wrap the tape measure evenly around your back to the fullest part of your chest under your arms.


Wrap a tape around your natural waistline, or where you actually wear your trousers (i.e) Under the stomach on your hips or over the stomach.


This is measured from the bottom of the collar to the bottom hem of a coat, shirt, jacket or jumper.


Measure along the inseam from the crotch seam to the hem. (HANDY TIP!) Taken a measurement from an existing pair of trousers that fit well.