At last, clothes for large men that match up in every way to smaller sized clothing, we call it the Perfect 10 because the clothes are perfect and delivery can take up to 10 days. A stylishly superior range of clothing for the discerning larger gentleman. Big Matts knows there are large men in the UK who wish they could buy beautifully designed, modern clothing, the problem has always been attracting sufficient demand from enough customers in order to make stocking these fashionable clothes economically viable. We hope we have found a solution: All the clothing in The Perfect 10 section is modern, up to the minute designs and fabrics, we just need you to be aware that delivery can take up to 10 days, this is because it has to be imported from Denmark and then shipped to you. Please be assured it is worth the wait, but, please do not select the Express Delivery option in your basket as this is not likely to be possible with this particular range of big men's clothing.
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