After Work Plus Size Style Ideas for Men

After Work Plus Size Style Ideas for Men

You’ve clocked off after a hard day’s graft and then get the dreaded text that all your mates are enjoying some bevvies and want you to tag along. You want to but what can you wear? It’s not just women who have a nightmare deciding on an outfit. When you’re a bigger man, plus size style ideas that actually look good are hard to come by.  There’s no shame in admitting that we want to look our best, too. And let’s face it, we’re sick of all the clothes options only going up to an L before they suddenly change price and colour.  That’s why we’re here to help you get dressed up after work.

Do our clothes stop us from doing things?

The simple answer is yes but it seems weird to think about. Why would clothes stop us from going out and having a good time? Well, the clothes we wear directly affect our self esteem. When you’re a larger size, finding clothes and good outfits in plus sizes can seem impossible. A bigger man’s wardrobe is probably not as well equipped for all occasions, just because the larger size options are limited. And when we feel down on ourselves, we’re more likely to decline social invites which can eventually lead to us feeling detached from our friends. 


It seems pretty obvious when it’s put that way but in the moment, we might not realise that it’s our wardrobe holding us back.


Just like we wouldn’t go for a walk in the rain without a jacket, the clothes we wear impact what we feel capable of doing. We all know we need a good pair of boots for work otherwise we’ll lose our toes. It’s no different when it comes to social events. If we know all our mates are going to be looking dapper but all we have is a pair of big old jeans that we’ve had for yonks, we’re suddenly going to feel reluctant about going. 

How do I dress up when I’m a big man?

When it comes to fashionable clothes for bigger men, the world doesn’t seem to want to give us many options. Style ideas and outfit looks for bigger men are even harder to come across. All the websites think us big men want to wear boring colours to not draw attention to ourselves. But, a lot of us have big personalities to match our bigger waist size. Why can’t our clothes be just as good and stylish as our smaller mates’? 


Big Matts has compiled a few plus size outfit ideas and inspiration that will stop you from shying away from social invites. So without further ado, let’s have a look and see what we have to offer. Hopefully we can stop you from saying “Another time mate, just having a quiet one tonight.”

Where to find stylish clothes for big guys

Shopping for stylish big clothes is like a minefield. It’s hard to come across places that have a great selection of stylish bigger clothes all in one place, if they sell big clothes at all.
A lot of us wider men stick to the same outfit and nothing is wrong with a t-shirt and jeans combo. But the difference between a good and bad outfit is always quality clothing.

That’s why we love the tees from Uptheir Clothing. A great company with a great ethos AND they cater from an XS all the way up to an 8XL, all the exact same styles and designs in the bigger options. They’re always bang on trend and great quality, so these t-shirts level up a pair of jeans into a stylish ‘fit.

We sing the praises of BigClothing4U pretty often, and it’s for good reason. They have an insane range of shirts that look great on big men, in a huge array of styles and colours. One of these bad boys paired up with some big jeans or tall chinos, and you’ll be looking and feeling good. 

Shirts are a great way to nail a smart-casual look and can be dressed up or down easily, so these big shirts would make a great wardrobe staple for any big man.
Another thing we love about BigClothing4u is that they’re always churning out the latest fashions and trends in bigger sizes for bigger men, so be sure to check out their new drops.

Big Matts are also here to kit you out in the latest styles, you can’t forget about us. 
We’re big believers in how a jacket and coat can finish off any stylish outfit. There’s nothing worse than nailing the shirt and trousers before realising it’s a bit nippy out and all you’ve got is a jacket you’ve had since 2003 that doesn’t even go.
We have a great selection of big men’s outerwear from casual zip throughs and classic harrington jackets to smarter jacket options. All made in bigger sizes with the right cut for larger men.

Outfit tricks and tips for the bigger man

Before now, us bigger blokes couldn’t afford to be choosy. We had to be thankful we could find something that fit us and looked semi-decent. Obviously, the selections above have proved this is no longer the case.


There’s something for everyone’s taste so you can relax knowing you will be able to find the perfect big outfit ideas and some great additions to your wardrobe. When it comes to getting some style ideas and outfit inspo when you’re a big man, we follow a few golden rules:

    1.Dress how you want to 
    2.Don’t wear anything you don’t like
    3.Always check the size guide
    4.Enjoy your clothes


We have the luxury to be able to do that now, we can be picky and choosy with what we buy because there’s enough options to create the perfect stylish outfit to suit big men.

So, when it comes to after work plus size style ideas for men, we hope we helped you nail it. We want you to get excited for things, feel confident and not feel as if you need to sit on the sideline. But, if nothing really jumped out at you, don’t worry.  We have an impressive range of big menswear so just have a browse for yourself. You’ll definitely find something you like to level up an outfit.