BIG MATTS large size clothing have made it our mission to source stylish clothing for big men; at last big guys can look as sophisticated, smart and stylish as their smaller contemporaries.

We only do big sizes: from 3XL to 10XL, specifically designed for Britain’s big blokes. These are not small designs made in big sizes, they are designed to cater for large men’s clothing needs. We understand that choices in the high street are limited, but why should big men not be able to dress as well as smaller men? That time has come, we are here to achieve that aim.

Our fantastic new modern range of clothing, designed, manufactured and sourced from all over the world, will make you look amazing. Our range caters for all styles and budgets, from value big shirts, large size tops and big men's jeans to exclusive Dutch, Swedish and USA designs. Get smart - shop Big Matts.


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